Some of the best Guatemalan luxury hotels and resorts to visit

Jürg Widmer Probst - Guatemalan luxury hotels

Holidays often mean finding cost-effective ways to enjoy a trip to a new country. But what if you’ve got some cash to spend and you’re looking for a bit of luxury? While Guatemala is known for its backpacking and trekking holidays, you should also know there are plenty of luxury hotels and places to stay too.

The resorts and hotels in this list may cost more, but they also offer the kind of experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. If you’re after a holiday you won’t forget – particularly after COVID-19 has disrupted all of our travel plans for so long – then try one of these resorts or hotels.

They are all highly recommended for that luxury holiday to Guatemala and promise to make your stay extra special.

4 gorgeous luxury hotels and resorts to visit in Guatemala

La Lancha, Tikal

Tikal is an ancient Maya city that is just awe-inspiring. Its stunning location and fascinating history make it one of the most popular places to stay for visitors coming to Guatemala for the first time. In fact, staying anywhere in Tikal will make your time in Guatemala special, but for an extra bit of glamour I’d recommend La Lancha.

Owned by film directing legend Francis Ford Coppola, La Lancha allows you to experience the wonders of Tikal without the tourist hordes (in non-pandemic times, of course).

A totally luxurious yet boutique hotel experience, La Lancha offers residents a secluded getaway surrounded by rainforest and all of its abundant wildlife. Located on the shores of Lago Peten Itza, it’s just 45 minutes away from the ancient ruisn in Tikal and an hour from the Belize border.

Just across the lake, you’ll find Tayasal. This is the ancient capital of the Itza tribe and today is underneath the cobbled streets of modern-day colonial Flores. La Lancha is brilliantly situated so that you can visit many ancient Maya sites on day trips, including Nakum, Seibal, Uxactun and Tazha.

Hotel San Carlos, Guatemala City

Small, luxurious and tucked away, the Hotel San Carlos is a home away from home. Located in one of the most beautiful roads in Guatemala City, the Avenida La Reforma, it’s just 200 metres from the major tourist attractions in the city.

Old-school service in a former colonial building, the hotel offers a respite from the busy city, and gives a nice feeling of tranquillity and peace. Expect stlylish, comfortable bedrooms, colonial décor and a lovely private swimming pool tucke into a beautiful garden. There is private parking and 24-hour security, which is always welcome in Guatemala City, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Particularly ideal if you’re travelling on your own, it offers a real oasis in the middle of the city, and you can even share your breakfast with the hummingbirds that frequent the garden. Easy to get to from the airport and it’s really close to lots of attractions and restaurants. It’s quiet, elegant and has excellent service – I really would recommend this hotel if you want to stay in Guatemala City itself.

Boutique Hotel Casa Santa Rosa, Antigua

Another colonial building that is now a hotel, Casa Santa Rosa is located in the historic and fascinating city of Antigua. It’s tucked away close to the La Merced Church and the Las Capuchinas Convent, and offers a relaxing, quiet place to stay and soak up the atmosphere of Antigua.

One of the most luxurious places to stay in Antigua, Casa Santa Rosa has everything you need for a lovely stay. There are two beautiful gardens enclosing the hotel itself, and it’s perfectly situated if you want to explore the town of Antigua.

Rooms are large and beautifully decorated, some with private jacuzzis. Each room is decorated in a different style and the hotel manages to combine, luxury, charm and convenience into the perfect package.

Casa Palopó, Lake Atitlán

Situated just above the stunning Lake Atitlán, Casa Palopó comes complete with a view of three volcanoes thanks to its location in the beautiful Guatemalan highland region.

Think romantic relaxation and sophisticated luxury and you’ll understand what to expect from Casa Palopó. Its main building encompasses seven rooms decorated with indigenous artwork, or you can choose a private villa instead.

Lake Atitlán is one of the most popular tourist areas in the highlands, so when the pandemic is finally in the past, you can expect to see plenty of people around. And this is what makes the luxury and peace of Casa Palopó particularly welcome. As well as gorgeous views and the perfect location, you can expect excellent service and the personal touch with delicious Guatemalan cuisine on offer.