Guatemala Taking Steps to Help with Climate Change

Climate Change COP26 | Jürg Widmer Guatemala.

As the COP26 Climate Change Conference draws ever nearer, many people are talking about how they can make the world a better place and stop the climate crisis from getting worse. The event will see many nations come together once again to discuss how they can work together and implement the many changes needed to make a real difference now.

Guatalamans are proud people and will do their part to ensure they can continue to work and live off the lands they have for centuries.

UK Ambassador for Latin America Visits Guatemala Ahead of COP26

During the summer, Fiona Clouder, the Regional Ambassador for Latin America and the Caribbean, visited Guatemala to discuss the delivery of the COP26 objective with the representative of the government, business and the wider communities.

Ambassador Clouder’s visit was to help ensure that everyone is working together to achieve the ambitious emission reductions targets, to promote ways to adapt and help protect Guatemalan communities, natural habitats and way of life. Also, to discuss ways in which all of this can be achieved, ensuring projects are financed in favour of the environment to promptly reach the climate change goals.

A Lifeline to Help Protect Guatemala’s Biodiverse Habitat

The UK Government has announced they will invest £100 million of their Bioderverse Landscapes Fund in some of the most fragile ecosystems worldwide. The fund will cover two regions (North and South) in Mesoamerica which spans Guatemala, Honduras, Belize and El Salvador. This includes the tri-national transboundary biosphere reserve and portions of the Selva Maya.

The Guatemalan Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Mario Rojas Espino, said: “Guatemala is considered one of the countries with the greatest biological diversity on Earth. Its diversity constitutes an invaluable and irreplaceable national natural heritage, which provides us with an exceptional variety of environmental goods and services for our well-being, whose conservation should be a priority, and financial resources are certainly needed for protection and conservation.”

Teenagers Helping Make the Difference with UNICEF

An article in Forbes magazine shares how teenagers in Guatemala are helping make the future a greener and safer one with their efforts. The article says how teenagers are becoming involved in projects with the help of UNICEF and their support with environmental conservation.

One of the projects for the teenagers to lead was to gather up recyclable materials and build them into waste pipe water filters. Recycling materials in this way helps to remove them from the environment and improve the lives within the community.

What is Guatemala Doing to Help the Environment?

The Guatemalan government works with numerous organisations to help protect its natural environment and also protect indigenous communities.

The Alliance for International Reforestation (AIR) has worked with the Guatemalan people and authorities since 1993 to help them adopt sustainable agricultural practices.

Ecosphere has a conservation project working to help protect the forest’s biodiversity and coastline. They are working with the governments, private companies, NGO’s and the wider community to protect almost 60,000 hectares of forest.

The Nature Conservancy helps people to continue to thrive within their local communities whilst protecting the land and water. They do this through education, technology and support to those who most need it. They have now established the first water fund in Guatemala and are working to help more people access freshwater.

Final thoughts

The saying goes, it takes a village. Well, in the case of climate change, it takes a world to come together as one to fight it. The people of Guatemala have always been connected to the land, and they feel the changes and challenges before them. Thankfully, we all seem determined to work together and do whatever we can to protect these incredible and life saving diverse landscapes.

Guatemala is such a special place with wonderful people, which is precisely why I, Jürg Widmer, chose to make it my home. I know that with the help of all these wonderful organisations, the human spirit and global support, Guatemala will become stronger than ever.