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Jürg Widmer Probst - Tz'utujil people

Find out about the Tz’utujil people of Guatemala

Guatemala may be a relatively small country, but it’s home to 24 different Mayan ethnic groups. Among these groups are the Tz’utujil people and together with the Ladinos, Zinca, Garifunas and many more, they make up the indigenous Native American people of the country. Around 100,000 Tz’utujil (also sometimes spelled Sutujil, Tzutuhil or Tzutujil) live in a region surrounding Lake […]

Jurg Widmer Guatemala

Five famous Guatemalans you need to know more about

Guatemala has a rich and fascinating history, filled with an array of interesting cultural and political figures. From people who have bravely fought to raise awareness of the rights of the country’s many indigenous people, to footballers and musicians, here are just five of the most famous Guatemalans you need to know about. Rigoberta Menchú Rigoberta Menchú is a woman […]