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How will tourism in Guatemala change this year?

Guatemala is naturally stunning, with year-round warm weather and friendly people. However, the country still faces difficulties, and tourism has yet to return to pre-covid levels. Before the pandemic struck, Guatemala earned almost $1.23 billion from tourism. However, this number dropped by 75.68% in 2020, when covid-19 struck the world. This significant drop was particularly difficult for some areas of […]

What Makes Guatemala So Special? | Jürg Widmer Guatemala

What Makes Guatemala So Special?

A question that is often asked is, where is Guatemala? Guatemala is part of Central America, South of Mexico and is bordered by El Salvador, Belize and Honduras. It is a place with a rich culture and fascinating history and incredibly special to me, Jürg Widmer. Below, I share my thoughts about what makes Guatemala so special. The People The […]

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Check out these three Guatemalan volcanoes

Guatemala may be famous for everything from its extraordinary history, Mayan cultural heritage, fantastic indigenous art, great food and fascinating cities, but there’s another reason to visit – to explore its volcanic landscape. There are an astonishing 37 volcanoes in the country, with three still very much active. Most of the volcanoes in Guatemala are easy to get to and […]

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5 Guatemalan women you should know about

Guatemala is home to more than 16.6 million people. Of these, almost two-thirds are indigenous people, whose achievements are often left out of historical canon. For Guatemalan women, this is even more the case. Think about how many women from Guatemala you’ve read about or heard about. The chances are, it’s not many. There are, of course, exceptions. For example, […]