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What is the drinking culture in Spain like?

In Spain, the drinking culture is tied to the country’s historical production of wine, though this is no longer the only alcoholic beverage they produce. Knowing a little about Spanish drinking culture and customs is essential if you’re planning to visit the region or are generally curious.   The history of Spanish wine Wine from Spain is not the most […]

How to know if your wine is worth the money?

The wine market is full of variety. So how can you ensure that you spend your money wisely on high-quality wine when choosing from so many wines? You might be wondering if good wine is just one that you enjoy or if there is something more to it. While personal preference is undeniably essential in selecting wine, there is still […]

Jurg Widmer on the enduring appeal of Spanish wines

The allure of Spanish wines goes back hundreds of years. Today, Spain’s 70 wine producing regions are packed with innovative winemakers who consistently turn out yet more popular and delicious wines. Spain is, of course, a large and diverse country and it’s not possible to cover every integral part of its wine making history and current market here. So, I’m […]

Foods to try when visiting Guatemala | Jürg Widmer Probst Guatemala

Foods to try when visiting Guatemala

Guatemala is a melting pot of cuisine cultures and delicious delights with Mayan, Spanish and international influences, including African, Caribbean American and Chinese. There’s even a vegetarian movement happening too. The best places to taste authentic Guatemalan foods are the local cafes, restaurants and street vendors; this is where you will find the traditional dishes made with real passion. There […]

Guatemalan dishes - Jürg Widmer Probst

11 Guatemalan dishes that are definitely worth sampling

There are so many reasons to visit Guatemala as soon as the pandemic allows. From the beautiful countryside to the fascinating culture and history, I’d always recommend it as the ideal holiday destination. But one thing I haven’t talked much about yet is the food. Guatemalan food is a mix of colonial influences and traditional Mayan dishes, which means fascinating […]

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Guatemala Culture – 7 of the best places to eat and drink

One of the most enjoyable ways to (literally) get a taste of Guatemalan culture is to sample some of our country’s remarkable food and drink. We’ve spoken before about the rich variety of cuisines on offer in Guatemala. But here we’re focusing on the 7 best places to eat and drink in our country. So, from Mayan-inspired foods to traditional […]

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An expert’s guide to Guatemalan chocolate

Our country, Guatemala, has given at least two great gifts to the world. You can read more about one of them – coffee – in another post, here. It arrived relatively recently in Guatemala: but the other, chocolate, has far more ancient roots. It is a fundamental part of Guatemala’s culture.   This wonderful discovery was considered by the ancient […]

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A beginner’s guide to Guatemalan coffee

Today, coffee is one of Guatemala’s biggest exports. Exports of up to $723 million make it one of the cornerstones of the country’s agricultural export business. But if you’re visiting our country, what do you need to know about this wonderful product? Where are the best growing areas, and how is coffee made? And finally, where is the best place […]