The best wellness retreats in Guatemala

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Beautiful beaches. Remote jungle. Dramatic volcanoes. Guatemala is, in many ways, the perfect place to get away from it all, and to find time and space to rest and recuperate.

Over the years, Lake Atitlan in particular has grown into a real centre for those of us looking for a wellness break. Many of the villages around the lake have a relaxed hippie vibe, and although it can get busy sometimes there is enough choice available that you’ll be able to find your own niche.

Lake Atitlan is isolated but is still relatively easy to get to – there is even a $25 shuttle bus that will take you direct from Guatemala City airport. And if you really want to get your getaway off to a special start, you could always take a helicopter!

So, we thought we’d take a break from the bustling cities and tourist hotspots to discover the quieter side of the country – not just Lake Atitlan, but also in the beautiful city of Antigua too. Here, we bring you just a few of the best wellness retreats in Guatemala.


1/ The best place to do yoga

Lake Atitlan is becoming such a destination for wellness and yoga retreats, that it was hard to pick a favourite out of the many great centres available.

However, we’ve been really impressed with the offering at Yoga Forest. It is a stunning setting, for one. If the views out over the lake and the surrounding volcanoes don’t relax you out then we don’t know what will.

But beyond the spectacular location, the centre itself is a wonderful place. They offer both group and individual retreats, with classes ranging from shamanic healing sessions to a variety of yoga practices.


2/ The best place to get creative

The historic city of Antigua is well worth a visit at any time, with its colonial era buildings and colourful churches. But beyond this, it is also a place to really stir your creativity. This wellness retreat in Guatemala from Selva Studio caught our eye. You’re based in a quieter part of town, at the stunning Palo Santo Hotel.

The retreat is based around daily meditation and yoga, but there is a strong creative element too. This is your chance to finally focus and work on a project that matters to you. The retreat runs from November 26 to December


3/ The best place to get more zen

Back to Lake Atitlan now (it really is the epicentre of yoga, meditation and wellness in Guatemala). Our final choice is a place that puts more of a focus on mental wellbeing, but with plenty of yoga too for those who want to improve their practice. Doron Yoga and Zen Center is in the secluded Maya village of Tzununa.

The centre itself is designed as a place for a practical, mindful reconnection with both yourself and the natural world around you. And while it is a Zen Buddhist centre, the whole ethos of the centre is about guests finding their own way and experience, rather than having a strong religious focus.

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