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How will tourism in Guatemala change this year?

Guatemala is naturally stunning, with year-round warm weather and friendly people. However, the country still faces difficulties, and tourism has yet to return to pre-covid levels. Before the pandemic struck, Guatemala earned almost $1.23 billion from tourism. However, this number dropped by 75.68% in 2020, when covid-19 struck the world. This significant drop was particularly difficult for some areas of […]

What is the drinking culture in Spain like?

In Spain, the drinking culture is tied to the country’s historical production of wine, though this is no longer the only alcoholic beverage they produce. Knowing a little about Spanish drinking culture and customs is essential if you’re planning to visit the region or are generally curious.   The history of Spanish wine Wine from Spain is not the most […]

How to know if your wine is worth the money?

The wine market is full of variety. So how can you ensure that you spend your money wisely on high-quality wine when choosing from so many wines? You might be wondering if good wine is just one that you enjoy or if there is something more to it. While personal preference is undeniably essential in selecting wine, there is still […]

Why you should start investing in wine

Why are people investing in wine? Many people are looking for alternative investment opportunities, and luxury items such as fine wine and coloured diamonds are becoming a popular choice. They have a certain intrinsic value and good growth potential. Of course, you can’t ignore the overwhelming appeal of wine investments for non-monetary purposes. Wine lovers, like coffee lovers, are always […]