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Why does Guatemalan coffee taste so good?

Guatemala is known for many things but probably none more than coffee. So, if you’re a coffee lover, you may want to give this a read and discover more about this great nation and the coffee bean. Guatemala has a rich history as coffee growers because of their climate and growing conditions. According to legend, the coffee plant was brought […]

Foods to try when visiting Guatemala | Jürg Widmer Probst Guatemala

Foods to try when visiting Guatemala

Guatemala is a melting pot of cuisine cultures and delicious delights with Mayan, Spanish and international influences, including African, Caribbean American and Chinese. There’s even a vegetarian movement happening too. The best places to taste authentic Guatemalan foods are the local cafes, restaurants and street vendors; this is where you will find the traditional dishes made with real passion. There […]

What Makes Guatemala So Special? | Jürg Widmer Guatemala

What Makes Guatemala So Special?

A question that is often asked is, where is Guatemala? Guatemala is part of Central America, South of Mexico and is bordered by El Salvador, Belize and Honduras. It is a place with a rich culture and fascinating history and incredibly special to me, Jürg Widmer. Below, I share my thoughts about what makes Guatemala so special. The People The […]

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Check out these three Guatemalan volcanoes

Guatemala may be famous for everything from its extraordinary history, Mayan cultural heritage, fantastic indigenous art, great food and fascinating cities, but there’s another reason to visit – to explore its volcanic landscape. There are an astonishing 37 volcanoes in the country, with three still very much active. Most of the volcanoes in Guatemala are easy to get to and […]

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11 Guatemalan dishes that are definitely worth sampling

There are so many reasons to visit Guatemala as soon as the pandemic allows. From the beautiful countryside to the fascinating culture and history, I’d always recommend it as the ideal holiday destination. But one thing I haven’t talked much about yet is the food. Guatemalan food is a mix of colonial influences and traditional Mayan dishes, which means fascinating […]